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Me and my girlfriend were having an argument in the car, I was on the phone with an important call and she wouldn't stop yelling at me and carrying on, she put her phone on my lap and started like poking/hitting it really really hard (she wanted me to get directions from it or something) and in the heat of the moment I punched her in the leg and told her to fucking stop. We almost broke up. I still feel fucking horrible about it and wonder why she is still with me. I love her more than anything.

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  • If youre a lesbians i guess its kind of ok cause if a man hit a woman wow fuck genre equality

  • I can understand both sides of what happened here. she should have realized that it wasn't the right moment for her to be throwing a tantrum. and couldn't she have gotten the directions from her phone herself? she seems kind of childish. at the same time though, what you did was wrong. you really shouldn't hit the people you care about. so I can understand why you feel terrible, but she was being an instigator.

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