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I cry because I don't want to die. I want to live forever until I'm tired of living. Imagine being immortal. I can do anything. Everything would be possible.

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  • Ya crazi

  • I'm a wizard.. I'm a white descendet from the black witches from Africa.. 400 years ago i got traped in a witches house and found potions.. Idk why i drank all of them.. But for some reason something happened.. I tell you.. It's dangerous to be inmortal.. When i got out of there i just.. Kept living and 20 years later.. My twin died bcuz he had a heart atack.. He was 60.. And i stayed the same.. I've moved from countries since then.. And i can only stay 6 years in each one.. And i suffered a lot in the 1670's.. I was buried for 7 years because they thought i was a witch but i didn't turn into one till 1978.. When i finally discovered what actually happened.. But well.. I tell u this bcuz it's not as good as u think.. I lost everyone i loved and.. That makes u don't want to be living anymore.. But i have to.. I even have to move again to australia.. And i'm all alone.. It doesn't feel good at all

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