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what must i'm do, i have a friend he's nice to me and we have friend for 4 years. now when we are finished our study in university and graduation last night. He is telling me that he is gay and he is love me while i have a girlfriend and i'm not gay.

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  • Tell him you value his friendship and that he really means a lot to you, but that you are straight, that you love your girlfriend, and that you can never return his feelings in that way. But tell him you'll be there for him (and actually BE THERE FOR HIM), because he was probably really afraid to tell you. Lots of people get shunned by their friends and family when they come out. Maybe he'd prefer to distance himself from you, but I guess he just told you to get it off his chest and to hear that he actually has no chance ever to be with you, because sometimes, that's what you have to do to move on. Be honest, but kind. All the best to you and your friend. :)

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