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I am a Muslim. I wear hijab (the cloth that covers the lady's hair and neck). I was actually a convert. Originally a Christian in the category of SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). These religions are very close. We do not eat pork, hygiene is a must ot be taken care of and we are not allowed to wear sexy outfits (I respect this rules a lot). They say that girls are the decoration of the world. Earth's flowers. Although, they only show beauty to whom that owned them. Don't get wrong about Islam. There are just mundane people in every religion and race. So yes, on the behalf of Muslim and a converted SDA Christian member, every religion is beautiful. You just have to nurture it in a right way. I am still learning about Muslim and it is absolutely beautiful.

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  • every religion are instruments of power and politics almost never a choice... I respect people who believe but I will never respect one of the biggest manipulation instrument

  • proud of you.. btw im a muslim too

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