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I'm really insecure because of an ex-boyfriend who raped me, even being cured of many of the things he did and said to me. Now I'm in love with another man, and I think I'm lowering my chances by being insecure, and not being able to show my feelings. I hate myself for that, and for the majeure fear of never really being with him, because these two thoughts used to be meaningless to me before that ex-boyfriend.

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  • I think a heart-to-heart talk could solve this problem. Communication is everything! If you don't tell him he'll never know WHY you're so anxious, he can't read your mind (even when you wish he could do so occasionally). I know it's hard to talk about some issues, but gather courage, sit him down and tell him you love him and explain him the situation. He might be more understanding than you think.

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