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Everyone always told me how I'm a slacker, and a clumsy idiot, and that I skip school for no reason. I always told them that's not true, that I don't want to sleep in class, that things just slip from my grip like my muscles just stop working, and that I'm staying home because of crippling headaches. I'm always tired and in pain. I always thought that was a general condition for everyone, and that I'm just bad at dealing with it, that I should be ashamed of myself, because that's what I've been told my entire life. "Everyone has a headache sometimes, do you see anyone whining about it like you do?" "Everyone is tired, no one gets enough sleep. Stop complaining." "You clumsy idiot! That's the third glass you dropped this week!" My whole life, I've been screamed at for things I couldn't help, and no one believed me that there's something wrong with me. Now I have my diagnose, at least. I'm narcoleptic, combined with another neurological disorder that basically causes misfires in my brain, similar to an epileptic seizure, but targeting my nerves and giving them the signal to tell me I'm in pain. Both can be treated. My headache has gotten better with the medication, but I'll never be allowed to drive, which pretty much sucks. But at least I know that it's not my fault. I am not useless. I'm just sick. I'm not lazy. And I'll never have to think that the people screaming at me are right, because it's not my fault. And that's a damn good feeling.

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  • Good you can get treated. I wish you success with that.

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