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Well.. I'm young.. 18 but.. Well.. I'm gay, and i'm still a virgin.. But my friends tell me that how is it possible that i'm still a virgin when i get lots of attention from hot dudes, but i don't even talk to them, i prefere to talk to a gay friend and get to know him better and maybe get into sometjing, but not with a guy that i don't know.. Like.. My friends have had sex with 3 different guys in a day.. I would only be able to have sex with someone that i've known for a sortaf long time.. And in a serious relation only, i think sex should only happen when u rele love someone.. I've been going out with a friend dis days and he's been acting really sweet and nice to me.. What should i do if he asks me to have sex? I just don't know if i should yet..

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  • dont do it until you are in the third month of a relationship as bf and bf. not just friends.

  • Don't do it to feel pressured. It is a precious gift you never get to give again. Be picky. Dont follow the crowd.

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