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Philippines is in a bit of a cultural turning point. Men have always said they will not marry a non virgin. #nohymennodiamond Not joking, that's a real hashtag. Yet they are known for not saving themselves and frequently having a mistress. As women are more educated and connected to the outside world they see two other options. The non virgins marry older divorced foreigners. The virgins marry Christians and missionary boys who waited also. It's only fair right? If you can demand a virgin, why can't she? The Filipino men sometimes feel insulted by this or call these women race traitors. It's not about the race. It's about hypocrisy. If you aren't willing to settle, then you must hold yourself to the same high standard. Philippines can either choose to be a virtuous country, or a promiscuous one, but the status quo is over.

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  • I married a Filipino. He was a virgin. I was not. Though I am an older, educated, foreign woman.

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