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sometimes i feel that I want to break up with my boyfriend because he is strange sometimes and make me feel really sad and I have been crying a lot because of him, but I love him so much and when he is normal is so cute and make me feel awesome again and I want to be with him and help him with everything ♡

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  • wow... you know what, i feel the same all the time. i have an advice for you. i had a situation, where i really2 mad at him, all i can do just cry. i cant look at his face anymore, then i convinced him to break up, suddenly he cried, and agreed. but on the next hours, i feel worst, it was a wrong desicion. now i dont have anyone who can comfort me, motivate me, and help me with everything.. i just hope you never do the same. it was so painful. everytime you mad because of him, just think it's not worth it if you breaking up. your anger just temporary..

  • Wow, you are so weird. So what now? He makes you cry. And you still go back to him like a dog? Wow, standards these days.

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