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I pulled his card. he kept on acting like a jerk with me once he knew I started to like him. I just didn't understand the games. he's a 30 year old man. why?? so I figured OK let me start being sweet and sexy nope that didn't work either. so I dug in my self and asked my self. you know exact who you are why are you letting your vulnerability get the best of you? and you know once men lose that control in the relationship it's over for that shit! so I hit him where it's hurts. called him out on his less than average dick. lmfaooo dam that topic is touchy huh?? lol hes now sending me paragraph long text copping a plead. and calling me wanting to make plans.. your a lame. I pulled all yours cards and left you with nothing. so whos after who now?? typical everyman! that's the secret woman need to learn. learn his weakness use it in sever situation. and that and only way you will see his true colors. I'm completely turned off now.

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  • cuz you are a feminist whore

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