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If you're in a situation where you have to choose between your current gf/bf and your ex gf/bf whom you still love deeply (u still imagine about them, u still want to kiss them) who will you choose? My ex bf was in the same situation before. He said he still loves me deeply and he still wants me, but in the end he did not choose me because he doesn't want to hurt his gf. No, we're not cheating...or idk. But we were just talking and then all of a sudden, he confessed. He was always like that. I never planned to say I still love him because it's the best for the both of us but then he kept repeating things like 'I know you don't love me anymore' and it kinda hurts me so I told him the truth. We did some things like holding hands and pecking on the lips (no sex), and I feel guilty but he's not. So I told him that we should stop but he doesn't want to so I made him choose. Anyways, while I understand him, I still think that he doesn't really love me anymore. I mean, he thought about his gf's feelings but he never thought about how I'd feel. I think that, yes, his gf is his priority because she's the curren gf. But I still think that it's not about it. When you try to choose between two people, you can never choose one without hurtng the other. I think that he chose his gf because he can't stand seeing her get hurt. He chose to hurt me, than hurt her gf. Yet he still initiates that he still loves me and he will never stop even if I walk away (since I planned to stay away so they can live happily). I don't believe him.

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  • don't ever settle for someone who can't make up his mind. also. if he really loves you he would have been able to make up his mind by now. don't do those peck kisses and holding hands anymore it won't do you good. don't do that to your current boyfriend. and if he will never stop, block all communication he'll stop eventually. and if he doesn't. maybe his current gf will be sure to notice.

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