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I used to be friends with this girl until I found out how truly bad she made me feel about myself and got the f away from her. She is still spreading false rumors about me (to my friends too) which isn't uncommon for her since she is a compulsive liar (for example talked about events mostly connected to cute boys that never happened). She's also constantly watching me.The thing is: it's been 3 YEARS (were both 16) since I last spoke to her but she still won't let it go. I'm thinking about confronting her and telling her that she's a psycho. Or punchig her in the face. I know I won't but I really want to. any advice or similar experiences?

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  • Bitches and drama queens are a staple of life and no doubt you'll encounter a few more of them in your lifetime. Your best course of action is never friend them on Facebook and hire a couple ex-cons to break her legs and rape her

  • talk to the year level coordinators or the school principal and get them to help you stop her

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