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my best friend is totally in love with me but idk what to do, I don't feel the same way and plus I am straight, we are both straight but what happened to her? she is freaking me out... I just don't want to loose her as my best friend but I really don't know what to do

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  • you are like Karma, bestfriend of Amy in Faking it Mtv series. Amy fell inlove with karma but she doesnt feel the same way. Amy was rejected and got hurt. Don't lose your bestfriend, first accept that she is not really straight. love her the way you loved her before. dont change. be with her like before. you dont have to hurt her by pushing her away from you. if you dont feel the same way then you dont. you just have to be honest to her.

  • have a threesome and see how it goes. ;)

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