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I have a problem. I'm in an over a year long relationship with my boyfriend (my first). He loves me with all his heart, but sometimes he just doesn't care how I feel or what I do. My best friend is in love with me. We're always playfully flirting and I like him very much. I hadn't seem him in a long time, so we met 2 weeks ago. He's handsome and caring and all I want my boyfriend to be... Since that day I'm totally confused. I told my boyfriend that I needed space and freedom, so since 2 weeks we have a break. I see him everyday, my bff never, because he lives in a city far away. It's pretty difficult to meet him, because I'm in a whole day school and on the weekends I have to do stuff with my family. The boys don't know each other. I just want to quit the break and kiss and be loved again, but I'm still confused. I know that I hurt my boyfriend, but if I give in my loneliness, I'm a selfish asshole, because I know if I see my best friend again, I'll be again confused, maybe need another break and might lose my boyfriend forever. What should I do?

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  • My first advise, Follow your heart. Second, never keep things hidden. Third, it hurts to be in a relationship that has the opposite person not fully committed. Forth, your in school....you have a lot more hearts to fall for as you grow up and progress as a person.

  • Stop whining

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