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I broke up with my (ex) girlfriend because she is not what I am looking for. I've been sad wondering if I would ever meet the girl I think is right for me, with the qualities I expect and also with the attraction/chemistry. A week after the breakup I went out with a friend and a friend of his went with us. As the afternoon was going by I started to realize she had a lot of the qualities I am looking for in a girl and also I felt attracted since I saw her. As ridiculous as it sounds I liked her right there, in the beginning. I was amazed by her. From that moment I find myself thinking about her all the time. I think that's what Hollywood calls Love at first sight. Too bad she is not gay.

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  • You never stop looking

  • There is one person that you are ment for. Maybe you havent found her yet or maybe just havent noticed how deeply you feel about that person but there are a lot of people that havent found the one person that they truely love yet.

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