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there's this guy; he's a bit younger than me, but we got along so damn well. then we suddenly stopped talking, he stopped answering my texts. a month later everything started again; he talked and made jokes with me like nothinh happened. then it happend again. again and again and again. and I'm sick of it. I asked him whether he just wants some fun or a real friend. he said he wants a real friend... BUT I'm moving away so it absolutely wouldn't work out. Are you kidding me?! I didn't ask you to marry me. I didn't ask you to run away with me. I asked you to be one of my friends, because I'm not going to lose everyone I care about just because I'm fucking moving. this thing between us goes on since a year, are you fucking kidding me. I fought for us, this friendship and you behave like a boomerang. I still care about you, but I'm giving up. I've had enough.

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  • I totally know how you feel. I hate it when people do that. they are so inconsiderate to others and nowadays people just want to follow the crowd

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