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is it bad that im 19 and my gf is 15? i know it sounds bad but her parents are okay with it. Weve only been dating a couple weeks but weve already had sex i was surprised that she was a virgin for how aggressively she was pushing for us to have sex. After we had sex it just made me feel awful because shes so young idk. im just over thinking it?

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  • if its not illegal where you live, and everyone's fine with it, you should be too. just be CAREFUL if its not legal. you never know.

  • You are overthinking it. There is nothing wrong with sex per se. A 15 year old girl having sex with her committed boyfriend who is 19 sounds pretty fucking right in my book. Maybe you are just so used to that toxic "guys care only about sex and girls submit to it" mentality that you don't realise that women want sex too and enjoy it? If you are treating your girlfriend well and you both want to have (protected) sex, you most definitely should be having sex.

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