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I decided to be an escort to pay for college and it terrifies me that someone will find out one day. It makes me sad that I can never tell a future BF/Husband about it. (I mean how could I?) I graduate in a few months and am so happy I made it but am ashamed of how I paid for it. Its a secret I will probably take to my grave although I dont regret doing it (because otherwise I couldnt have gotten through college).

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  • an escort, or a prostitute? an escort is really not that bad. people pay you to stand next to them and play nice. but a prostitute is illegal so yea, keep hush hush about that one. if the opportunity presented itself to me tho and i really needed it, id be an escort too

  • it really is a shame because there isnt any support network for people to afford college. there are all these rules and if you are in a weird family situation you dont even qualify for loans so you have to either figure out how to make a bunch of money on a part time job which is impossible since min wage is $7.50 or find something ELSE to pay for it. I know a lot of people st my school sell drugs to pay for college or steal stuff like books or peoples bikes. Its depressing to live in a country that cant help support its younger generations succeed.

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