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F15 I think my dad may have drugged me and had his way with me. I know sounds crazy but last weekend my mom was out of town visiting her sister and I stayed home with my dad it was just me and him there. Saturday night he cooked dinner for us and to my surprise he offered me wine and told me not to tell mom he let me drink I only had about a glass and a half then I dont remember anything else. Just waking up the next morning stripped and sore with dried cum on my stomach. I know I didnt drink near enough to black out and that dad was the only person home besides me. I tried to ask him about it and he got mad and very defensive. What should I do I cant look at him without getting sick to my stomach anymore.😢

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  • i would say tell your mom about it. and also tell the authorities (police) what happen. tell them the whole story. just let you told us and pray that the truth about what happen that night comes out. dont be afraid cause you didnt do anything wrong.

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