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Well... I'm a 27 year old guy.. I'm about to divorce because the relation wasn't working.. I have 2 beautiful kids, but well, i don't know if i need help or what, i thought i was straight.. I can't be gay.. But i had sex with a 23 year old guy 2 weeks ago, and i've been thinking about that so much.. I just don't know what happened to me.. Has this happened to u? Or is this normal?

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  • Are you the one that put it in? when you have sex with that guy, did you enjoy it fully? do you want to do it again? do you have any feeling to the guy? something like you didn't want to let go etc (romantic love)? There is possibility you just wanna try or you did that because of lust (and lose sight of yourself..) well it depends on how you feel tho. sorry for bad English

  • did you fucked him or he fucked you?

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