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so umm im new to this but i just really wanted this off my chest, so during summer school of 2015 i met a really nice guy, we hanged and stuff and we planned on kissing on the last day i told him it was a first kiss so he said he will make it rememberal. we didnt end up kissing because he made me mad, (im still a lip virgin to this day) he kept flirting with my friends and showing them his body, which is built. (were 14) so then Highschool starts (9th grade)and we see eachother and a week in he asks me to be his gf and asked me to homecoming, ofcourse i said yes because im crazy about him. he asked me put on a Thursday, the next monday that comes, i come home from school and i notice i got a text. at 1:40(6th hour) i open it up and he breaks up with me, i cry a bit because he made me love him and then he broke my heart but a month later (couple days ago) he asks if im still mad at him and then i ask i wont be if he tells me why he did what he did, turns out someone dared him to "have my heart and break it" because they were gonna spill his secrets, anyhoo i understood because i would do the same but i was still heartbroken, so then like 3 das ago we start texting all night and ge explains that he has bo feelings for me, but likes me... as in a sexual way. and then explains what friends with benefits is and how it works... turns out he was asking for me and him to BE friends with benefits, now i wont fuck him but i still shocked myself when i agreed, i dont know why but i just did. so yeah. first month of highschool and i already got a sex buddy... umm send me your opinion?😂😂 but if its offensive can you hold because im a weird person and only weird people will understand why im doing what im doing. p.s. hes mixed/sweet N funny/football player/and is very intimidating(hot af) 😂😂 help me

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  • i guess id say have fun. dont get attatched to him, and know your boundaries. don't slut around freshman year, or really at all in high school is also my advice but i cant control your life.

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