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so lond story short this guy i knew from summer school asked me out and i said yes on the second week of 9th grade (Highschool) and five days later he breaks up with me and i cry for a long time(im really into him, almost love), a month later(4days ago) he texts if im still mad at him and i yell at him saying that ofcourse i am, later on we kept texting and he repeats his question and i tell him ill forgive him if he answers my question"why did you do it" so then he explains that some guy who knew his secrets was gonna spill if he didnt date a girl and break her heart, well thats what happened, we keep talking and it just makes me love him even more, about 2 days ago he tells me that he has no feelings for me but ges attracted to me, like in a sexual way, keep in mind that this is a quarter back for football, a very built and intimidating guy, then he explains what friends with benefits is and he ASKS me to be HIS "friend" so being my stupid self i agree. everything except sex tho haha. umm please dont think im a hoe or anything, im just a confused girl with hormones. position opinions and feedback pls😂😂

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  • Stop. Youre going to end up liking him more yet he can ditch you anytime

  • damn girl, that's a long story. first of all: he doesn't deserve you. you sound so in love like you would catch a bullet for you and he sounds like he'd be the one who'd pull the trigger. don't get talked or pressured into something you don't want. be careful and good luck! x

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