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PLEASE REPLY ASAP, NEED SOME ADVICE: Ok so I dated this guy who is very attractive and I actually really enjoyed spending time with. But because I'm head fucked I quickly stepped out of seeing him at all cause I felt myself liking him too much. Anyway I kept searching his facebook profile (we never became facebook friends because i told him i didnt use it much) and eventually noticed he found a girlfriend. So they have been together for probably 4 months and I still havnt contacted him. Now out of the blue, he has messaged me saying he saw me last night and wanted to know why we stopped randomly talking.. then he wrote he wanted to see me and take me out for a drink blah blah blah. I just secretly checked his facebook again and he is still in a 'happy' relationship. So what do I reply to him now? I don't want to in any way be the other girl who ruins everything but I also dont want him knowing I've been snooping on his facebook cause thats weird. I want to reply something short and sweet so he hopefully realises what he has before he goes and ruins it all. so what is the best reply for this stupid guy??

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  • Personally, I would decline out of respect for his girlfriend just because I would flip shit of my boyfriend did that to me. That is just my opinion.

  • Reply to him that you heard he has a girlfriend and that you like him too much to be "the other woman". Just BE HONEST.

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