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My brothers wife recently found out she isnt able to have kids which really upset the two of them because they really wang children. They looked into having a surrogate but it would cost way to much to have the procedure done. They also considered adoption but they devided that they wanted to save up and end up having a surrogate. Yesterday his wife called me and told me that they had decided that theyd find a girl that would be willing to let him have sex with her and let them have the baby. Which sounds pretty crazy itself but it gets weirder she told me that they decided the girl they could trust the most was me that they wanted me to have sex with him however many times it took to get me pregnant. I told them I wasnt sure it was a good idea and they got pretty upset with me so I finally said id consider it. idk what to do I know its wrong and should happen but on the other hand i feel pressured by them. any tips????????

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  • If they can't take no for an answer then too bad for them. You shouldn't fuck your brother.

  • I liked every comment, but still need to say this: don't do it. you're not feeling comfortable and pressuring someone into having sex with her brother is wrong. just wrong. incest is wrong and the baby could be sick and everything... no, just don't. be strong.

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