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After having hard time at college, my lecturers was being such asshole to me knowing that I'm repeating the subjects. I pretended to have another personality and behave totally different that day. I went as far as dress differently. I went for the class to see the lecturer for tutoring and told her that I'm not me, also told her to not be such an asshole to those who were trying hard and stop being mean to her students. I basically told her everything what I had in mind and how she's mentally abuse us students and being discourage all the time when she keeps telling us to quit (this happens everyday even before I talk to her). I didn't pay expensive fees to get discourage everyday and I was really mean to her just like how she is to me. I like how she was speechless and the scared look on her face before I walked away from the class. I'm very quiet and I don't think she expect this from me. My friend called to ask if I'm okay. He also said the lecturer went off early said she wasn't feeling well.

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  • *not born to be educators. sorry for typo.

  • It sad to hear that there are such lecturer doing this to students. These people are born to be educators. They just doing it for the sake of the money and maybe just to feel superior. What a sad society we live in.

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