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Was thinking are shorter girls more likely to wear high heels than taller girls

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  • Yes, they are. I'm pretty tall, and whenever I wear heels, even random strangers give me negative comments. "You're already so tall, why are you wearing heels?" "You're obstructing my view, stop wearing heels", stuff like that. Obstructing someones view of what?! It's not like I'm wearing heels to a concert or something. They are just too stupid to go a few steps to the side. Not my fault they are smaller than me. And I just like wearing heels. But most of the time, I'm just not up for the hell people give me, and it's unfair. Guys don't even talk to me when I'm wearing heels because I seem to intimidate them, or something - not even the ones that are taller. And it sucks. But f*ck it, I like my shoes better than most people, so let them think what they want.

  • Feel woman look better in heels no mater how tall or short. It always caught my when a girl in heels walked by

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