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Several months ago, I posted a confession about how a guy I had a crush on flirted with me but I thought he it was some kind of joke. I thought he couldn't be serious because he was out of my league. It's been five years since I've seen him and I just realized he could've been serious. My confession was about wanting to talk to him before he left for basic training and explain why I rejected him. Even though he had a girlfriend, I still wanted to talk to him. I later posted an update that he left for basic, we added the other on instagram, but I didn't have the guts to talk to him. I didn't want to break up his relationship, I just wanted to let him know I'm proud of him and it was my low self esteem keeping me from accepting him. Well, I have moved on from fantasizing about what could've been. I'm in a relationship with someone else and I'm very happy. He's married now too. I knew it wouldn't be long until that happened, military engagements are never long. I realized it doesn't matter how he felt about me all those years ago. What matters is who he loves now. If I ever happen to run into him, I'll tell him I'm proud of him. If he asks why I rejected him back then, I'll explain. But neither of us should dwell on what didn't happen when we were kids. I wish him and his wife the best, god bless.

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  • I'm happy for you. I followed your story from the very first post, and though (me being a fan of romantic novels) I would have wished you got the guy in some crazy weird romantic coincidence or something, this is a far better solution in real life. I guess sometimes we just have to grow up. Thank you for sharing your story with me. All of the best to you and your boyfriend! <3

  • this and you are amazing.

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