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I wish 'unlove' someone was easy. I met this guy online 3 years ago. We became good friends until I realized that I liked him. Then, I kept avoiding him. But he kept looking for me. He contacted my sister to ask how am i doing. I always disappear and come back...but my action never stops him to look for me and say 'i miss you'. The more i try to avoid him, the more that he comes into my dreams that make me love him even more. I keep praying to God everyday asking Him to help me forget but seems like He hasn't answered my prayer. This year, i confessed to him I love him and he said he feels the same way toward me. We're both young, still in highschool and live so far away from each other. He is from another country...ppl say i deserve better bc he's too far away but i like him. Everytime I hang out with boys at my place i always imagine what itd be like hanging out with him. It's pathetic. We plan to meet each other after we finish school. I don't know how this relationship will work. Sometimes I wish I could forget him bc i think it's complete bullshit but i just can't. We never met so im afraid we may not like each other in real life..and also fear that he doesn't really love me but just being hormonal/play me :/

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  • Maybe its good to meet him now you idealize him!? Maybe its worth it if you dont meet him you will never know just meet him in a safe place ok surrounded by friends or family!

  • idiot, grow up or keep dreaming forever and torture yourself, you deserve it then

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