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I have been checking up on my fiance cause my "intuition" is saying there is someone else besides me. He left his ipod at home one day so i looked at it and he was chating with some chick on messenger. I tried to open the message but he had his ipod locked. Now if that isnt a sign of something i dont know what is! So i confronted him and of course he denied it. So i looked at some hook up sites and what do u know there he was. Im sooo disgusted and hurt!

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  • you are shit as well, you know what they say about ppl like you ? same kind of ppl find themselves. if you were smart you would leave him not make some bullshit excuse and just cheat on him. So what dating sites can be meant for ppl to get to know each other, on some of them you can even pick your relationship status - that would be fist thing to check. i have found my gf of 5 years in these kind of sites, shit i hate it because it gives me paranoia but actually i don't give a fuck because i know that i'm the one who's been honest all the time.

  • he will not change. leave .

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