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I dated my ex boyfriend for 2 years. he just one day ended it with me. said he needed to get his life right. I waited for 3 months trying to work it out. He told me to move on it was over. his best friend started texting me making sure I was ok. we became really good friends. he texted me everyday asking if I was ok and getting me out of the house. my ex text me one day and exploded on me for no reason. I ended up sleeping with his best friend. my ex found out and went crazy on me. he calmed down and he wanted to know why. I told him. he called me for 3 days crying. we got back together and stayed together 6 months and we broke up again. been broke up 5 months nows. he texts me every week to go off on me about sleeping with his best friend. he says I cheated. I say we wasn't together.

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  • Tell your ex to fuck off.

  • He broke up with you so it's not cheating. If he had a problem with it, he shouldn't have gotten back together with you. I'd say, tell him to shut the hell up or you'll block him.

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