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My dad pinched my mom very hard today, it left a mark, my mother told me that she doesnt want to call the cops because she doesnt want my 2 younger brothers to grow up without a father or end up in a shelter, my mom did pulled a knife and pointed it to my father because she was fustrated with him. And my parents dont have their green cards so i dont know if they'll be deported. My mom and dad didnt have a good childhood and i think its why they argue a lot. I honestly dont know what to do anymore and i dont want to tell anyone else about this because im worried our family will break apart. What should i do?!?!

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  • I started laughing when it said pinched. Lmfao my mom used to pinch me when I fucked up. We'd be in the store and she's like "get cho black ass -pinch-"

  • I really wish I could be there for you but I can't. And I can't seem to give you any good advice either. But, please hang in there!😦

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