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I got raped by the dad of a friend of mine when i was 10. Over the years I worked on destroying his life, killed his pets, set his house on fire, hide drugs in his car/garage, mailed his boss, he got fired, divorced, he became a homeless and two months ago he killed himself. I have never felt better in my whole life.

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  • I get how it feels to be raped... but u sunk to his level. ur just as low as he is. I wish rapists didn't exist... but it does. it doesn't mean that you should commit 10crimes for his 1. you became an arsonist, drug posessor/framer, and multiple forms of murderer. u are no better than him. I hope u live with that. u are just as evil as he is. he deserved to pay, but not the way u went about it.

  • You did great yes but WHY PETS?!!!!

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