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I got raped by the dad of a friend of mine when i was 10. Over the years I worked on destroying his life, killed his pets, set his house on fire, hide drugs in his car/garage, mailed his boss, he got fired, divorced, he became a homeless and two months ago he killed himself. I have never felt better in my whole life.

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  • you are just as low as the piece of shit that raped you... i hate rapists and cho mo's HOWEVER... you hurt animals who are just as innocent as you were ... broke so many laws and your proud... you think you got satisfaction now but in due time you will see ... what you should have done was gone to police and gotten him the punishment by the right authority how you can live with yourself after hurting innocent creatures beats me .. smh

  • i'm ok, with all that,in fact i encourge this but why did u KILLED THE PETS!!!!

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