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I got raped by the dad of a friend of mine when i was 10. Over the years I worked on destroying his life, killed his pets, set his house on fire, hide drugs in his car/garage, mailed his boss, he got fired, divorced, he became a homeless and two months ago he killed himself. I have never felt better in my whole life.

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  • So, I am into financial domination. I know i need to stop. But, I cannot. I'm being drained by a beautiful woman online. She Is taking all my money. She tells me to pull my underwear down to my ankles, and stroke and charges me $2.99 a minute. I know I have a problem and had to tell someone.

  • You need to process this anger in a more constructive way. You have to realize that how you have hurten this guy is awful. Please, go and seek the mercy of God while it's still possible to find. Go to Confession..!

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