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There's this girl I have been courting for 4 years. Sometimes, she flirts with me, and then the next thing, she's with a man. I never stopped courting her. Only when she has a boyfriend, but after they break up, she texts me and get my hopes up. Sometimes, I feel like I should give up, but in the years that I've known her, I have seen that even though on the outside, she's tough and she doesn't seem to have problems, she's fragile and sad, and scared. I want to protect her and be there for her all the time. I don't know. She doesn't reject me or tell me to just stop courting her.What if she likes me? Is she just putting me on a shelf? What if she's just scared?

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  • lol courting . I like you already 😂😂

  • 4 years bub? Yes she's friendzoning you until she's done sleeping around... Don't accept that be more aggressive. Don't tell her it's a date, but invite her out to do things that give an opportunity to touch/embrace/spank her. After a couple -dates- kiss her, so it's a real date. You may want to work out, go on a veggie diet to improve your curb appeal. Good luck mate

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