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My dad hit my mother and my mother pulled a knife out towards my dad, i calmed her down and told her to put the knife down. I know this isnt a confession, but i need help from other people. It was also my younger brother birthday the same day thus happened. Can anyone plz tell me what should i do because i dont want my parents to hurt each other anymore. What should i do?

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  • They should break up. Call the police if this ever happens again. People who endanger each other like this should be kept apart. I know it sounds heartless, because they are your parents and you love both of them, but just this time, you have to act against all loyality. Tell the authorities. I don't know where you're from, so I can't exactly tell you the steps, but either way, you should go to the police and ask for their advice. They will help you. Child services, also - parents attacking each other are a danger to their children, not only in a physical, but also psychological way. If you are too scared to do this alone, look for an adult you can trust, a teacher or a relative, or maybe the parents of friends. I wish I could come over and help you in person, and give you a hug. I know how much domestic abuse hurts, I had to grow up with an abusive father, too. Only that he attacked me instead of my mother. I truly hope you'll find good help, and that everything works out. Just stay brave, and strong. You can do this, I believe in you. And I truly wish you all the best, from the bottom of my heart.

  • calk the cops

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