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when i was in elementary school, i have no friends bcause a girl was jealous on me, idk of it. she told all of my friends in class to not be my friend, never talk to me, never be my homework group. i cried everyday after school. all i do, every break, i went to her while her mom feeding her. apologizing, saying sorry until the break is over (15 mnt). she ignored me, letting me apologize every day, every break. and the worst of all, even her mom ignored me, she just keep feeding her daughter, she letting me apologized whole time too. until then i got sick, i stayed in hospitals for a week, bcause everyday i never had proper lunch. now i'm having a grudge on her. i wanna take a revenge. what should i do??

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  • take silent revenge nothing to bad but good enough like put a letter in her locker everyday saying annoying anonymous things lol

  • A couple months ago, i dated this girl the day she broke up with her ex. He immediately had a grudge against me and mad shit up about me being fake about everything i did and that i was a loser. Then he said he was gonna jump me after school one day. I was much tougher that him and several inches taller too. I decided to tell him to fuck off and threatened him. He was scared enough that he took a longer route home that day. If you mentally harm someone it can have a longer effect on the person you are harming. Try it

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