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So a friend (lets call her Sally) well not a friend but we cool tried out for the voice and got on Pharells team. My whole city is happy for her(it's pretty small). But this girl who is also musician was completely unsupportive. I ask did she watch the episode. She said nope and she really didn't care. She said that she didn't like Sally. Even if you don't give a shit wouldn't you at least SUPPORT someone who is repping our city...our school? Then later maybe a day after she wrote on Facebook and I quote "Remender to self: other people's success is NOT my failure" Maybe I'm other thinking this but she seem sooo jealous of Sally. I dont know.

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  • you know, Sally's success is a big deal, it wont affect her if ONE person does not support her, I assume she is not even Sally's friend, but you are, as long as you and her friends are supportive its ok

  • She does have the right to not like someone. Just because "Sally" is from the same city, doesnt mean she has to like the person who went to the Voice, maybe she has her reasons, who knows honestly.

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