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in need of some advice, ive been with my boyfriend for 8 yrs now although it wasn't so perfect at the beginning we stood together for this long. so back in 2011 an ex boyfriend of mine came back into my life and its been on and off for 10 yrs. i no thats its wrong going behind my boyfriends back and cheating on him. but i also feel that i give my self a chance to be single and really move on from that first relationship... what should i do????

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  • Leave your boyfriend, first of all. He doesn't deserve to be treated this way.. Then do whatever you want with your ex, as long as he is single. You seem pretty dependent on people so maybe it would be good to stay single for a while, but you might lose your chance with your ex. Just BREAK UP with your BF.

  • I think you deserve to be cheated on

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