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I'm in this relationship we've been together since 28th October 2013. We're so great together, we are so alike I'm 28 weeks pregnant with his baby too but... I'm getting feelings back for my ex we was together 3/4 years ago for only 9 months, we haven't spoke at all but these feelings are making me loose feelings for the person I am with now... I don't even speak to my ex, I don't know if its just my hormones or real feelings. At this every moment I've told my partner, I need space as I'm depressed. I can't tell him, I'm getting feelings back for my ex! I am really confused, the ex didn't even give me attention he was on his ps3 all the time, but the partner I'm with now sends me flowers, takes me out and takes me on holiday... I am really confused.

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  • it's not TRUE love if your choosing it. love is a choice. true love is a feeling. now stfu

  • that's why you should never follow your heart. it is evil above all things and desperately wicked. you need to make a choice to love and care for the father of your child. grow up. your feelings do not define reality. true love is a choice not a feeling.

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