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My husband is looking at my email while I'm at work and lying to me about it.

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  • How about you change your password? To something really random. Like xJHBkewe9347sdr. Write it on a tiny piece of paper, in case you forget it, and put it in the package of your napkins or tampons, where he'll never ever even look for it. And write yourself an e-mail before. title: "Hello, my asshat husband." Text: "I know you are reading my e-mails. This is not actually my problem, because I have nothing to hide from you, but yours, as you seem to have quite the insecurities about yourself if you think I'd actually cheat on you. But still, it really, really bothers me that you prefer invading my privacy and lying to me instead of talking to me in a honest conversation. Maybe you'd like to talk about it tonight, we could go out for dinner or do whatever you like. But, for your information, I will be changing my password right after I'm home from work, because no matter the case, you have no right to read my private e-mails. I would never cheat on you. But I fear your jealousy will put a strain on our marriage in the future if we don't work on it together. I love you. Your wife." Something like that. I hope I could help you. All the best to you, and I hope everything works out!

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