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I'm not going to invite my stepbrother to my wedding... I'm pretty sure he thinks he is invited but I'll make sure he won't come. I've posted about him before, the drugs, cigs and alcohol abuse. Me being a good sister and helping, him trying to sexually assault me, his way too young stepsis, being an unthankful twat after I forgave him everything and his f'in rude new girlfriend... I'm not talking to him rn but I'll make sure that everyone BUT him is personally invited at family dinner and he'll know. I'm so looking forward to it. Life is taking a turn for the best. ♡

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  • I am sorry that you had to go through what you did. Is he sorry for what he did? Has he ever asked for forgiveness? Really think about your decision. Would your decision make him a better person or would it permanently affect his life?

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