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When I was like 10, my cousin and I had a crush on the same boy. We always hang around this cottage near their room just to see him. He was our friend too so he comes over and talks to us. Then one day, he was like, 'hey look at that' and when my cousin and I looked over to where he pointed, he kissed my cousin on the cheek. I got so upset but of course I didn't show it. Another day came and we were already on our way home when he ran towards us and kissed my cousin on the cheek. I laughed but inside I was like 'damn that hurts'. Anyways, when my cousin and I arrived home, I told her that she could get pregnant by getting kissed on the cheek. LOL I know it was silly and stupid. Now, we're 18 and whenever we see him we're like 'can't believe we had a crush on him' he never grew tall and he kinda looks like monkey.

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