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I wanted to become a nun. My father is okay with it since it's what he really wants for me. But my mom doesn't want me to. Back then she agrees to what my dad says but after I told them that I really want it, my mom looked at me for a long time and was like 'are you really sure?' so I told them that I really am. And then she looked disappointed, she said that it would be such a waste. My mom had always admired me. She always show me off to her friends because she says I'm a beautiful young lady. She says she wants to see a mini me. aaahhhhhh so frustrating. I don't really know what to do.

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  • Anyone, lost to religion, is a waste.

  • Do what you feel that the Holy Spirit is instructing you. If you are under age, you may have wait...so, that you do not appear disobedient to your parents. Pray for spiritual discernment. Find a good spiritual director.

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