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(15 fe) This girl I like (I'm bi), let's call her T was really upset today and I asked why and she said that this one guy that we hang out with, let's call him C, was snapchatting her and admitted to loving her and asked her out. He has a girlfriend. He told her that he only thinks of his girlfriend as a friend, and that's he interested in her. He said it's okay to flirt with other girls even when you're in a relationship. This upset her because she kind of had feelings for him. This ultimately pissed me off, not only did it upset her, but he is unloyal to his girlfriend and she deserves so much better. Today at school before last period, we had a small break and I pulled him aside saying I needed to talk to him. The conversation got a bit heated and he shoved me against the wall. Of course several people saw this and stood in shock but I just stared at him, trying to control my fucking anger. I grabbed his shirt right by his collarbone and threw him to the ground. After explaining to him why he cannot speak to or hangout with any of the people in our friend group, I told him he should gain some respect and not make a commitment to someone if he can't keep up with it. I just walked away from him, still laying on the ground with at least 10 people gathered around. I feel like I overreacted a little, throwing him to the ground, but he's a shitty person and needed to be put in his place.

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  • look when he pushed you he was asserting dominance or trying anyway second he was trying to play your friend so if you knocked him down a peg and hurt his pride and or him cool a man dont treat a woman like that ever

  • I dont think you overreacted at all. you should tell her how you feel.

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