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i found this amazing guy. hes got his flaws. he has anger problems and hes stubborn but he always made me remember why i fell for him. he treated me like a princess. im alot to deal with and many guys cant handle me but he always managed to put me in my place. i love it. a few months went by and i started losing feelings so i made up a lie and told him my aunt caught him cheating and had a picture .... only then did i truly realize how much he cared for me, i was so dumbfounded. the tears, the loud crys, the advice from his family members, the state of depression his mother explained to me. i was the first girl he brought home... but i wasnt the first girl he fucked. i told him i wasnt a virign when we first met... to be cool. during the relationship he felt like i didnt trust him because i wouldnt let him go too far. he never forced me and always made sure i was comfortable. 10 months later he got tired of me pushing him a way. i pushed him away because i felt guilty and i knew i didnt deserve him amd he was going to eventually leave after my feelings had grown for him. as always i was right and he did it right when i started to feel safe and secure. i broke. i sent him a video in tesrs showing him my raw emotions and he replied with a crying wmoji and a broken heart emoji. during the beginning we barely spoke but it was only two weeks later that he hmu and we started messaging each other like old times. in August 2015 i went to his house because i thought i was ready to keep him in my life forever even if it was as a friend... but we both wanted the benefits. thats when i lost my virginity to him... he hasnt got a clue. my mom found out and i moved to a different state. we barely talk. should i tell him? i miss and love him and i always will. i cry myself to sleep so often i wish the feeling was mutual. i wish i knew how he felt. we told eachother everything. he is my best friend. he will always have a special part in my soul. i just wish he would wrap his arms around me and we can go back to being at our best and feeling so loved and secure... guys? any advice. thanks for reading all of this. feels good to let it all out. this is my first post. hope i make sense lol. btw since ive been gone all our mutual friends have been telling me hes become a huge dick, hes letting his hair grow out and doesnt seem to care, and he started smoking weed which he promised me he wouldn't do anymore. i feel like i created a monster. i feel like a hypocrite. ive become one of those girls that i hate. the girls that finds a good guy and turns him into a douche... help my mind is going crazy.. too many thoughts and tears

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  • Question is, are you inlove with the "new" him? I know he's still the person you loved before but arent the attitude and personality of a person we truly are inlove with? I know if we truly love someone, we should accept who they are but do we see a good future with these type of people? Well it was his choice in the first place to transform himself into someone he said he wouldnt become.

  • Jesus, what a bitch.

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