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i think i might be depressed, I don't enjoy things I used to love anymore, i practice ballet, and I swim almost everyday, I study computer science engineering, I have a boyfriend that i love, and I believe in God, i don't want to lose any of these things because of depression, but nothing seems to motivate me anymore, im too afraid to ask for help, four years ago i suffered from anorexia and did not tell anyone, i got over it without help, but i dont want to be as alone as i was then anymore, i don't want to be sad, i don't want to quit any of these, I don't want to stop believing

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  • Try to talk to your boyfriend about this. It might hurt him to know, you didn't share this with him, when he may want to help. Also, research some books about depression, there may be some methods in them, you can practice, that may help.

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