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I think that sadness can be such a beautiful feeling. My reasoning behind that is that you can find the meaning behind something when you're at your darkest hour. An example is when a grandparent passes, because of it I have shown my grandmother that I truly love her. My favorite example is when you're heart broken. This is when you are intrigued by the songs/movies/books by those who feel such pain that you feel at the time. When you dig into these things you feel more connected to the artist that is sharing their painful experience with you. I think finding a deeper meaning behind everything is such a beautiful thing like cloudy days during autumn. Reason for this being confession is that I can't build up the courage to share my opinion with my friends to prevent them from thinking I'm mentally unstable. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. Also I hope you all find the beauty of every feeling we can experience.

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