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You're glaring staring beating me with your eyes.  Speaking thinking hoping I will come alive. All I hear is die, die, die carolyn die. Your life would be better if I laid down and died. All I want to do is run, scream, smash lots of things. But you're looking so I smash the only thing I see. My hopes my dreams the drive of my life. The very thing you're begging come alive. I beat it, beat it, beat it til it's dead. If it's dead you can't hurt it. If a stranger walked up and asked if I'm ok,  I literally could not just say fine and walk away. My tears fall at the drop off a hat. I wish that my body would fall and die just like that. My soul is crushed and my spirit is broken.  The smiles you see are fake so you won't keep poking. I have no idea how I will heal now.  I'm so broken.  I'm so hurt.  I'm so done with existing. Tomorrow comes soon, I'll forget this pain.  Until the next time I see those eyes.  I hear that tone.  I watch your anger rise. I will remember it all.  Every word that you said.  And I'll be one inch closer to wishing I were dead.

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  • poser poem

  • Really beautiful. But really sad at the same time :(

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