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So yesterday, me and my two best friends decided to do a dare at school (we are sophomore girls in high school). We went to sleep last night and decided not to go pee today and see who could last the longest without peeing their pants, and whoever lost had a secret dare they had to do from the other to girls that would be revealed after that person peed. So we woke up this morning very desperate to pee obviously. I was wearing I think some blue jeans and pink panties. As we were walking to school we were all three trembling. And just as we were crossing the road to school, I let it go. So we went to the bathroom at school so I could change and then they told me my dare: I had to drink one bottle of Gatorade an hour and couldn't go to the restroom all day. I knew I was screwed. There was no way I was going to hold it. So I changed into some blue panties and a white skirt(it sucked that that was my outfit to change into). So I made it until about 2:00 (we get out at 3:30). At 2:00 I couldn't hold it anymore). My teacher then called me to the board to answer a math problem. I tried to refuse but he made me. And with everyone watching me at the board, I peed my panties for the second time that day. It was funny but also very embarrassing. I know not to play that game with my friends again lol.

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  • I do week sometimes months without pissing what's the big deal about a day

  • is this really what girls do at sleepovers? 😂

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