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It sucks to be dumb. People often tell me that I'm pretty, I'm gorgeous, that they envy me but still I'm not confident. And the truth is I envy them. I always feel like I'm just existing for display, and it sad because physical appearance won't last! It sucks to be 'the pretty friend'. I want to be the 'intelligent friend'. I envy those people who aren't even pretty but they can talk confidently because they're smart and they know what they're talking about. I just want to be like them. I have this classmate who has no friend, she's a little overweight, she's not prettt but everytime she talks in front, I really envy her. Her confidence makes me smile but at the same time I'm envious of her intelligence. I would rather be her. sigh

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  • Negativity isn't going to help. Believe you'll learn more an play it more. Don't tell yourself such things, we're all capable of being great. Even if you're not book smart, I'm sure you're smart in someway. I'm not school smart but I consider myself someone to understand the reasoning for doing things. I believe that you can be smart if you apply yourself and become interested in what you're studying. Good luck and I hope you come to realize that you can become anything when you have faith in yourself.

  • Maybe you just haven't found yet that particular subject you can really be smart at. No one can be good at everything. But the fact you recognize yourself as someone willing to learn already proves you're smart.

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