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My mother is black. My father is black. I, am black. I am black and born female. I am forced into a situation of which I always defend the men/boys of my race. When people call our men thugs, rapists, criminals, lazy, low lives, niggers, and uneducated, I am bending backwards to defend. But I am damn near TIRED of them constantly disowning and disrespecting black women. Saying shit like “If she light skin,” or “Nah, she Dominican,” or “Black girls better catch up, white girls winning“, as if your mother didn't open up to let you in and birth you. As if that isn't a damn good enough reason to see black women as mothers and teachers don't you dare tell a black woman she is not good enough as if you are better. You were good enough to be birthed from a BLACK WOMAN. And for some reason, it's always the darkest niggas wanting to scream that dark skin women aren't shit. I'd be damned.

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  • I understand what you mean. Black men are the most pathetic race of men yet some how think they are gods gift to earth. They are the only race of men who don't value how creative, intelligent and gorgeous their women are. Do not support people who don't support you, EVER.

  • All is good but one thing. There is no such a thing as a black race or a white race. It's human race. Don't let the wrong concept get you, sis. :) If it's anything, maybe ethicity would do.

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